Rest Secure Restwarmer Dual Control Mattress Pad Review

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The Rest Secure Restwarmer Dual Control Mattress Pad is an very unique spinoff of the traditional way of heated bedding keeps you warm in colder times of the year. The Restwarmer actually warms the mattress under you instead of the heating the blanket over you. It has zoned heat and dual controls so each of you can control the amount of warmth you need on your side of the bed. It as a special fabric called Fiber-Woven to keep you safe and durability.

If you are looking for a different way to keep you and your partner warm on those cold winter nights then the traditional electric blanket, then the Restwarmer Dual Control Mattress Pad is something that you should look into. It fits over your existing mattress (up to a 12″ tall mattress) and it warms the mattress and not the blanket. Like a heated blanket, it uses thin wires running through it in different zones to create the warmth.

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The mattress pad is covered by a very soft 100% polyester fabric called Fiber-Woven and it gives you the extra feeling of comfort, security and durability. There is also a extra layer of thick padding on top so you don’t feel the thin wires that run throughout the pad to generate the warmth. There are dual controllers for each person can individually control the temperature of their side of the bed.

The Rest Secure Restwarmer Mattress Pad has specially designed heat zones that concentrate extra heat to the areas surrounding your feet and your torso to help create the perfect environment for you to sleep on. Since we all know that heat rises, it makes so much more sense to heat the mattress that you sleep on and the blanket or comforter will help keep that warms inside.

For your piece of mind Rest Secure has included a 10 hour auto shutoff feature into this mattress pad and it could possibly help prevent an accidental problem caused by continual heating. The Restwarmer Dual Control Mattress Pad is also completely machine washable as well as machine dry able. This way you don’t have to spend a lot of extra money on specialty cleaning.

Rest Secure Restwarmer Dual Control Mattress Pad Features

  • Dual controls for setting different temperatures in a single bed
  • Heated, cushioned mattress pad with 10-hour safety shut-off
  • 100 percent polyester Fiber-Woven fabric for durability and protection
  • Zoned heating directs more warmth to the feet
  • Full, queen, king, and California king; fits mattresses to 12 inches

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According to the reviews from consumers that purchased the Rest Secure Restwarmer Dual Control Mattress Pad has some definite advantages over other brands including how the power cord connector mounts on the side of the pad. The design of the controller is a plus with the buttons instead of a knob. Another reviewer pointed out that it was a great idea to concentrate on heating of the feet with extra heating wires. The only real negative a reviewer could mention is that the queen sized mattress pad does not fit the larger (pillow top – 15″ or even larger) mattresses.

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In conclusion, the Rest Secure Restwarmer Dual Control Mattress Pad seems to be a fabulous product and I would have to highly recommend it if you live in a colder climate where the winters really get cold. The very best place to buy this dual control mattress pad is from Amazon. They have the lowest price around that I could find and they have free shipping (at least they did at the time of writing this) which made for an even better deal. All around, I believe anyone would be happy ordering from Amazon.

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