Rest Secure Restwarmer Electric Mattress Pad Features

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The Rest Secure Restwarmer electric mattress pad definitely delivers on the propositions that it strives to uphold. The manufacturers of this mattress pad strive to ensure users of it enjoy a good night sleep. The core propositions set the blanket apart from other electric blankets. This product has features that guarantee the user they would have a secure night sleep. All of these would be convenient to the user during the cold winter season.

Various Size Options
The Rest Secure Restwarmer mattress pad comes in a variety of sizes that would apply to the various user segments. For the people who own large beds, they can be guaranteed of finding the right sized electric pad for their bed.

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Color Options
Depending on the preference of the consumer, one is provided with a variety of colors to choose from when purchasing this heated mattress pad. This is quite important when it comes to identifying the most appropriate color that fits well in your room.

Machine Washable
The Rest Secure Restwarmer can be washed in a washing machine. This is imperative in ensuring that the mattress pad is continuously clean. Such a feature provides you with the convenience of ensuring that you can always be guaranteed that you will not be left with a crinkly and uncouth product once you wash it.

Dual Control
For the king sized and the queen sized mattress pad, there are dual controls that enable the warmth to be evenly distributed on both sides of the bed. This is quite convenient when using the blanket with a spouse. You can set the settings on the control to your desired heating levels.

Warming Settings and Auto Off Controller
The Rest Secure Restwarmer heated pad features warming settings that are quite easy to use and operate. The user should use the warming control settings to set the most appropriate temperature in the heated pad as you rest. The blanket also has an auto off controller that enables it to turn off after a period of time. The auto off controller is crucial in the conservation of energy within the household.

ThermoFine® Warming System
The electric mattress pad also features a ThermoFine® warming system that enables the temperature settings within the blanket to be adjusted to your body temperature as you rest. This is convenient in ensuring your body temperature within the comfortable range.

The Rest Secure Restwarmer electric mattress pad is quite ideal in providing you with a good night sleep. They also come at affordable rates that would appeal to the majority of the people.

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