Sunbeam Royal Nights Heated Blanket Review

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The Sunbeam Royal Nights Heated Blanket comes in three sizes and four different colors. Sunbeam is the top brand in heated bedding as they have been keeping people warm for decades. The Royal Nights blanket is made of extremely comfortable material that is sure to please everyone. There are 10 heat settings on the EasySet controller and in the Queen and King sizes blankets you will have dual heating zones and dual controllers.

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The Royal Nights electric blanket is made from luxurious 100% polyester, which according to Sunbeam will provides years of comfortable sleep for you and your family. The Royal Night Heated Blanket comes in Twin, Queen and King sizes which means you will sure be sure find the size you need. The blanket comes in four colors that are sure to fit in any bedroom decor; Mushroom, Navy, Seashell and Summer Sky.

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The Thermofine heating system inside the Sunbeam Royal Nights Heated Blanket will sense the need to for more heating in the necessary areas to deliver an even warming throughout the blanket. All you need to do is turn the controller setting to the middle setting prior to bed time and you will have plenty of warmth to keep you warm.

The heating is controlled by Sunbeams EasySet controller and it has 10 heat settings and the Queen and King size blankets have dual heating zones and each one has its own EasySet controller and you can individualize your zone to your comfort level. However, the Twin size blanket only have one heating zone and therefore you will only need one EasySet Controller.

The Sunbeam Royal electric blanket is designed with safety for your family in mind. There is a 10 hour auto shutoff feature built-in and that means it will not stay on all night and prevent a possibly fire hazard. It includes a 6 foot power cord so you will need to plan ahead where you will be able to plug it in.

Sunbeam Royal Nights Heated Blanket Features

  • Thermofine warming system senses and adjusts to deliver consistent warmth
  • Control your side with dual heating zones (queen & king sizes only)
  • EasySet control with 10 heat settings and 10 hour auto-off
  • 6 foot power cord; 100-Percent polyester

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Many of the consumers that have reviewed the Sunbeam Royal Nights Heated Blanket have reported mostly positive opinions of the heating quality of the blanket. The controller was easy to use as it was a basic knob with 10 positions was mentioned by most people. Unfortunately, it seems that Sunbeam missed the quality boat with the blanket material. An overwhelming number of consumers complained of the cheap quality material. They said it looked and felt very cheap and that was stated by some of the reviewers that gave 3 or 4 stars. Click here to read more reviews on Amazon.

In conclusion, Sunbeam created what they believe was a great heated blanket and for all intensive purposes they did, however, according to the reviewers they fell short on the blanket material. Since the blanket material is huge factor in whether or not to buy the blanket, I could not recommend the Sunbeam Royal Nights  electric heated blanket at this time. I would highly recommend you look elsewhere.

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Customer Reviews

Shehnila September 9th, 2012 (#)

No, it cannot. Human body ayawls knows how to generate and retain heat. Electric blanket is just a device that gives you more heat to help you warm in the cold weather. Usually, female body gets cold much easier than male’s. Ask your friend to put on sweater to keep her warm.

Yolo September 12th, 2012 (#)

I was pleasantly surirpsed when I began using the Sunbeam Health at Home heating pad (756-500). It heats up quickly and the heat is consistent. The controller is very easy to use, especially for those of us with arthritic hands. There are no fancy features on this pad. No auto shut-off, no moist heat, an inexpensive cotton cover, and it is not over-sized. For the price I can’t complain. The consistent, even heat more than makes up for the lack of features. This is replacing another brand which cost more than three times as much, was slow to heat and did not maintain a constant temperature (varied from too hot to not enough heat regardless of the setting).If you are looking for a basic heating pad that actually works well, this one will fill the bill.

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