Soft Heat Electric Heated Mattress Pad Review

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Sleep is the most important factor for everybody to stay healthy and the Soft Heat Electric Heated Warming Microplush Top Mattress Pad helps people to sleep well, irrespective of weather. This is a very special product, for persons, who are not able to get good sleep. The product comes with warming pad to provide perfect temperature for human body and when people are using this product, they forget themselves, immediately after they go to bed.

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Soft Heat electric mattress pad works with low voltage, which is very safe to use and it provides immense pleasure for the users of this product. Many leading international hotels are also using this product for their guests. The ultra-thin wires inside the warming pad cannot be felt by the users of this specially designed electric mattress pad. That is the reason that many people are interested in buying this product.

Soft Heat Electric Heated Mattress Pad Features

  • Patented non-hazardous low voltage Safe and Warm technology
  • Ultra-thin wires; No more cold or hot  spots
  • Automatic pre-heat and temperature hold feature
  • Built in over temperature protection feature for safety
  • Single control auto  shuts off after ten hours
  • Luxurious incredibly soft Micro-Velour fabric
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • No shrinking, pilling  or stretching

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During the day hours, people are very busy and they have hectic schedules and when they want to sleep, they should get a good sleep, which would not be possible for them, due to unwanted thoughts. When they use this product, Soft Heat microplush top heated mattress pad, they would never think of their day activities and fell asleep, as soon as they go to bed. This is one of the best features of this product.

The product comes with pre heat system with temperature feature, which should be helpful to users of this product. This product has been well received by online buyers and won appreciations from hundreds of users. The product has built in over temperature protection and there are no problems for the users of Soft Heat mattress pad, which is available with leading online companies.

Soft Heat Electric Heated Mattress Pad Review

During the research phase for this electric blanket review, we found hundreds of reviews for this product. Most real life customers have been delighted with this model. The Soft Heat electric mattress pad received a 4.5 star rating out of a possible 5 stars on Amazon. Out of these 547 reviews, over 484 of them have been exceedingly positive. The additional advantage with this product, Soft Heat electric heated warming mattress pad is that is machine washable and dryable as other clothes. There would not be shrinking, piling and stretching. Due to above facilities, thousands of people are buying this product for their personal use. When people want to update their bedrooms, they prefer to buy this product. This product really helps people to get on with their jobs regularly. When children are sleeping, their sleep would not be disturbed when they are using this product, since the equipment provides perfect peace of mind to them. Click here to read more reviews.

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Customer Reviews

Sarah September 9th, 2012 (#)

I have bought much more expensive mattress pads in the past, but this one is better! I have now had the mattress pad for nearly two months. It has been washed and dried several era and is still in the same shape up as when I bought it. It is soft enough to sleep on without sheets and works well to protect the mattress with liquid accidents. It doesn’t hold stains either from my experiences. I place of protection’t noticed any pilling or signs of wear. This pad is well worth the money spent, I would buy it again.

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