Soft Heat Electric Heated Warming Blanket Review

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The Soft Heat Warming Blanket is a great blanket for warming up and sleeping in comfort. The blanket is made with specially designed technology to keep you warm and comfortable, while being incredibly safe. You will be able to sleep comfortably knowing that you and your family are safe thanks to its patented design.

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The special non-hazardous low voltage Safe & Warm technology is incredibly safe and effective. The technology allows you to sleep in comfort at night, without worrying about possible fire hazards or anything like it. It is designed to work on only a 120 Volt adapter, comparable to a battery. Along with its small energy consumption, the blanket is actually safe to use even when wet, due to its safe design. Generally, the biggest concern for power-heated blankets is the possible fire danger and electric shock. Fortunately, this blanket has those areas covered, while still maintaining comfort and warmth.

The Soft Heat blanket also uses ultra thin wiring, leaving out the discomfort and annoyance of thick and bulky cords. The wiring inside the Soft Heat Warming blankets is so small that they are almost impossible to noticed, while being able to maintain uniform warmth levels throughout the whole blanket, without cold or warm spots. This allows the blanket to feel warm while still having comfort. You will definitely feel the difference between the older blankets and the Soft Heat Warming Blanket.

The Soft Heat electric blanket contains several features designed for convenience and safety. It includes Automatic pre-heat and temperature hold features, which allows for much greater customization to fit your own personal preferences. It also comes with a 10-hour automatic shut-off for convenience, safety, and savings, so if you forget to turn it off, you don’t have to worry about it.

Along with safety and convenience, the Soft Heat electric blanket provides a great amount of comfort. It is made with incredibly soft and luxurious fabric that is completely machine washable & dryable without the common issues associated with washing blankets. Even after several washings, it will still feel just as comfortable, and remain just as safe. The specialty fabric is also designed to resist pills that can make your nice blanket look cheap.

Soft Heat Electric Heated Warming Blanket Features

  • Patented Safe & Warm technology non-hazardous low voltage
  • Ultra-thin wires almost impossible to feel; No hot or cold spots
  • Automatic pre-heat and temperature hold feature
  • Built in over-temperature protection for safety and piece of mind
  • Single control automatically shuts off after 10 hours
  • Luxurious incredibly soft fabric; machine washable & dryable

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The overwhelming majority of reviews were very satisfied with the blanket. Many say that they love its incrediblely soft and comfortable fabric. Not only that, they say that, just as described, the blanket is great at warming evenly and effectively, while the wiring is unnoticeable. The only issue that a few reviewers ran into was an ineffective warming system, but this appeared to be very rare, as out of 500 customer reviews, the blanket recieved 4.2 stars out of 5. Click here to read more reviews on Amazon.

This blanket appears to be a remarkable deal. It is very comfortable and safe, definitely worth its money according to most of the reviewers. If you are looking to buy a warming blanket, then I would highly recommend purchasing this one.

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1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (5 votes, average: 3.40 out of 5)
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