SoftHeat Plush Triple Rib Electric Blanket Features

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The SoftHeat Plush Triple Rib electric blankets are an ideal blanket for the breezy summer nights and the cold winter days. The blanket provides the user with the ability to enjoy a good night sleep that is devoid of exposure to the harsh temperature conditions in the external environment. The user of the blanket would be guaranteed of the following benefits when using the blanket: A good night sleep within the bed, continuous warmth throughout your stay in the bed and an ability to control the temperatures within the blanket. Some of the notable features in the electric blanket are listed below.

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Ultra Soft
The SoftHeat Plush Triple Rib electric blankets are made of very soft polyester fabric. This gives the user the benefit of enjoying their sleep while in a cozy bed as opposed to other electric blankets that tend to be uncomfortable. The softness of the blanket is known to be beneficial to the overall sleep of an individual.

Ultra-thin Wires
The electric blanket has been fitted with ultra-thin wires. The wires enable the blanket to be lighter compared to other blankets of the same size. This is quite convenient to the user since it ensures that as you sleep in the blanket, you do not feel as if weight has been placed on you. This is imperative in guaranteeing you a good night sleep.

Warming Settings and Auto Off Controller
The blanket has an easy to use warming setting and an auto-off controller. The auto-off controller automatically shut off after ten hours. This is quite convenient in ensuring that energy is conserved as you use the blanket.

Machine Washable
The electric blanket has the capability of being machine washable. This ensures that the user is guaranteed of having a blanket that can be kept clean at all times. The other advantage of possessing this blanket is that due to its ultra high soft feature, the blanket would always be left soft and supple even after the wash.

Size Options
The blanket comes in a variety of sizes depending on the preference of the user. One has the ability to choose from a wide range of sizes. The sizes that exist for the SoftHeat Plush Triple Rib electric blankets are as follows: the twin size which measures 62 inches by 84 inches, the full size which measures 77 inches by 84 inches, the king size which measures 100 inches by 90 inches and the queen size which measures 84 inches by 90 inches.

Color Options
The SoftHeat Plush Triple Rib electric blankets come with a wide range of colors for users to choose from. The multiplicity of colors ensures that the user can identify the most appropriate color that fits well with the overall color setting of their room. The colors that are available are thus: Natural, siege green, beige, night shadow blue and garnet red.

There are many other notable features in the SoftHeat Plush Triple Rib electric blankets. The automatic pre heat feature allows you to pre-warm your bed. The blanket also features an automatic over temperature regulation.

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